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      2. Sweep away us
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        Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd.

        ABOUT US

        Unity, loyalty, innovation and pragmatism


        Unity——With everyone's thoughts and efforts, do big thing with principles and do small things with characteristics, pay attention to the interests of the whole, share weal or woe, and live together in peace.

        Loyalty——Layal to career, love the factory and post, favorable professional ethics; inside equals outside, mutual respect, and create harmony.


        Innovation——Continue to study new situations, solve new problems, develop new technologies, promote new techniques, launch new products, open up new realms, and create new performance.

        Pragmatism——Every work should be finished solidly. Speak truth, do practical things, hard work, ambitious ideals, strong entrepreneur spirit, high sense of responsibility, diligence and honesty, work conscientiously.